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Divorce - The process of separation and divorce is always difficult to go through for parents and the children. Whether there is a contested or uncontested divorce involved , divorce papers are served and this process leads to a divorce decree. Throughout this process, parties seek divorce advice and Mr. Boyd can provide such divorce advice at (859)288-5107. Additional information may be obtaineed at American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers / Divorce Manual, American Bar Association Family Law Section, Kentucky Bar Assiciation Family Law Section, and Kentucky Revised Statutes.
Estimated Time Frame - possibly about 3 to 5 months or more to obtain a divorce decree in Fayette County, Kentucky, possibly depending on actions of spouse
Procedures -
1st - Bring retainer fee to the office(by appointment), and spouse's current mailing address, if known, and meet with Mr. Boyd.
2nd - At Second meeting with Mr. Boyd, you read divorce papers / Petition and any Motions to be filed, such as requesting Temporary Custody of any children, Temporary Child Support, Temporary Maintenance(Alimony), Temporary Possession of the Family Residence, etc. After your approval, you sign divorce papers / Petition and any Motions in front of a Notary Public at Mr. Boyd's Office. Mr. Boyd files divorce papers / Petition and any Motions with the Family Court Clerk's Office(you bring the divorce filing fee).
3rd - Spouse is served with the divorce papers and any Motions(additional fee if Sheriff's Office or Constables are involved). The process of separation and divorce is underway at this point, whether this is a contested or uncontested divorce.
4th - Then, possibly 2 to 3 weeks or more after any Motions are filed, bring Court Appearance Fee to first Court hearing. Mr. Boyd will meet with you prior to any Court hearing and provide divorce advice to you regarding any hearing. Be advised, the Court, in it's discretion, may Order mediation in any or all divorce issues, and Mr. Boyd can provide divorce advice in this regard.
5th - Within 45 days of the Spouse being served with divorce papers(or sooner), Mr. Boyd, with information from you, will serve upon the Spouse/Spouse's attorney a Preliminary Verified Disclosure Statement, as required by the Court. Mr. Boyd will explain this to you further during your initial office visit.
Also, if there are children of the marriage, you and your age appropriate children may be required to attend class(es); Parents Education Clinic, Kid's Time, Tween Time; in order to assist all parties involved to better cope with the divorce process. Again, Mr. Boyd will explain this further during your initial office visit.
6th - Then, unless all divorce issues are resolved, a Final Contested Divorce Hearing, upon motion, will be set by the Court. However, if there are children of the marriage, this Final Contested Divorce Hearing will be set 60 days or more after Spouse is served with divorce papers; OR if there are no children of the marriage, this Final Contested Divorce Hearing will be set 20 days or more after Spouse is served with divorce papers. Mr. Boyd will explain this further and provide divorce advice during your initial appointment.
7th - The Court may order Mr. Boyd or opposing counsel to draft the divorce decree, whether this is a contested or uncontested divorce. The divorce decree is drafted and tendered to the Court for the Court's consideration for signature. If and when the Court signs the final divorce decree, your divorce is complete.
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