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Practicing Family Law in Lexington (Fayette County), Kentucky.
Mr. Boyd will give your a free initial consultation after your call is screened for type of case, County location of case, details of case, etc.
If you are looking for a divorce attorney, Mr. Boyd can assist you. You may be curious regarding grounds for divorce or regarding the procedures of filing for divorce. The process of separation and divorce is always difficult to go through for parents and the children. Whether there is a contested or uncontested divorce involved , divorce papers are served and this process leads to a divorce decree. Throughout this process, parties seek divorce advice and Mr. Boyd can provide such divorce advice.
If you need an adoption attorney, Mr. Boyd can help you with this process as well. When looking to grow your family, you need to seek an adoption attorney who can provide adoption advice. Whether this is an infant adoption, a foreign adoption such as a guatemala adoption, a stepparent adoption, a grandparent adoption, a single parent adoption or other type of adoption, Mr Boyd can provide adoption advice in these regards.
If you are searching for a custody attorney, Mr. Boyd can assist you. Whether or not you are currently going through a divorce, child custody is a very diffiicult issue to deal with for you and you child/children. This is so whether you are seeking temporary custody, joint custody, shared custody, or sole custody. This process is ever more difficult on everyone when there is a custody battle involved. Mr. Boyd can advise you on these matters.
If you are seeking a visitation attorney, Mr. Boyd can help you with this issue as well. Whether or not you are currently going through a divorce, visitation is an important issue to deal with for all parties involved. This is so whether you are seeking a parent visitation right, a grandparents visitation right, or supervised visitation (under certain circumstances). This process may possibly lead to a visitation schedule. Mr. Boyd can advise you on these matters.
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